Intelligent business process automation

Graph of a workflow can be improved by Cognotekt

What we do


Cognitive work of human beings varies in quality inter- and intra-individually. Furthermore, humans cannot see certain patterns - this restricts the quality of many processes.

To address these issues, we replace repetitive, simple human cognitive behaviour
by chains of algorithms: automata.

Our automata

  • support entire business process chains,
  • learn from the best human trainers our customers can provide,
  • can spot patterns which humans cannot see yielding additional quality,
  • deliver top quality 24/7.

How we work


Cognotekt transforms your business
via process automation. To do this,
we proceed in a few steps.


We analyse a given business process and determine
which steps can be computed by a machine.

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We then re-design the process taking into account
the automation potential and replace human labour
in the automated steps using an optimal
sequence of algorithms.

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To achieve this, we blend rules, deterministic equation systems
and logic-based computations with probabilistic functions
and models.

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As a result, the amount of human labour is reduced,
the reliability of the process increases and the remaining human
workers can focus on the complex steps with the highest
value contribution.


As a foundation, we use a generic software platform
which can support business processes
in various industries.

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As an example, consider claims management in the insurance industry. This process is attractive for automation as its main inputs are numbers, codes and short standardised texts amenable to computable formats. We drastically automate data digitisation and structuring and create a chain of fully automated claims processing.

We offer automated claims checking, fraud detection, reimbursement and payment as well as machine decision for the routing to the optimal case expert should the machine not be able to process the case. Only 20-25% of the claims, notably the iterating ones with long reports or those with high value potential, need human intervention.

The remaining human labour can be focused to increase quality and to enable machine learning improvement. The savings potential is huge and customers benefit from a massive reduction of waiting times and better service.


"This is the future of claims management."

"Finally an exciting vision for claims management after decades of stagnation."

- Globally leading primary insurance, claims management    executives.

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Production management


As another example, consider workload and capacity management of production processes. Workload allocation management deals with the problem of allocating precursor materials to production units in an optimal fashion, while capacity management attempts to provision the right level of production resources. Today, in many industries, these crucial disciplines have already been improved using rules and arithmetics. This yields good but not optimal results. Cognotekt now introduces higher mathematics to improve these disciplines even further. Using complex automata, we can decrease misallocation, throughput times and working capital, while increasing customer satisfaction and resource utilisation levels.

In industries in which precursor materials are information-rich, such as in the insurance industry, we add the data contained in the precursors to improve the production process even further. Using artificial intelligence, we create a new, more efficient type of holistic production management.


"Your approach to bring AI [artificial intelligence] into production management finally gives this discipline a new goal and revitalises it as a source of value creation."

- COO of a DAX company.