Getting clear.
We understand life science and data analytics. This allows a unique approach, which will give you the confidence to make complex decisions.

What we do:

When analysing the opportunities and risks regarding products or portfolios, or when optimizing processes at the data level – an independent perspective is often lacking. The data are available. But what do they mean? Cognotekt will support you in understanding information from all domains. It will allow you to obtain the highest transparency when turning data into objective decisions.

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Our advisory services for private equity, biotech and pharmaceutical companies

Single product

We evaluate designs and results during all phases of product development – from the preclinical stage (translational medicine), to clinical studies in phases 1 to 3, on through to indication expansions lifecycle management and post-authorization studies (phase 4). We analyse the evidence regarding individual products, and we put these results in the context of market forecasts and the competitive situation. You gain a comprehensible and clear decision-making basis for your next steps.

Overall portfolio

We analyse portfolios for private equity or biotech / pharmaceuticals companies with multiple products in the pipeline. On the basis of evidence from clinical studies, market developments, the competitive situation and the regulatory framework, we provide validated support for decision-making. You gain a clear picture of the prospects of success, the distribution of risk and the possible synergies between different products or therapeutic areas.

IT architecture optimisation

We analyse the multidimensional processes and requirements in your research and development pipelines, determine pain points and assist you in developing clear steps towards a functioning system architecture.

Data science and AI

Data-driven processes and AI applications are complex. We create transparency. We evaluate the quality of the models and the type of data management, identify the potential for improvement and advise you on the selection of entirely new solutions and on their implementation.

About Cognotekt:

Cognotekt was launched in 2013 as a consulting company for sophisticated data- and research-driven sectors. It focuses on linking life science with data analytics; its customers are mainly biotech and pharmaceuticals companies, as well as family offices and private equity boutiques. They include Labor Berlin, BetterDoc and MedGate. With its combination of data analysis, in-depth industry know-how and independence, Cognotekt is an objective advisor for strategically relevant decisions.


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Selected costumers:

The team:

We understand complexity.


Dr. Jobst Landgrebe

Founder and partner

Physician, biochemist and mathematician

25 years’ professional experience in biochemistry, medicine, biomathematics; life science consulting, AI and IT

Key focus:
Life science, product and portfolio

Through his extensive experience in research, teaching and practice in the fields of pharmacology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, Dr Jobst Landgrebe has a unique portfolio of knowledge in different areas from which his customers benefit. As the founder of Cognotekt, he has assembled a diverse team, which is able to offer practical recommendations from a scientific perspective: “I’m a scientist and a businessman – I therefore believe it is important to make business-critical decisions that are based on sound principles.”

Dr. Raija Kramer


Former Professor of Linguistics at the University of Hamburg

Ten years of experience in management consulting and linguistics

Key focus:
Business processes and organisation

In her academic career, Dr Raija Kramer has focused on the role of language in the digital age. “The intensive study of language has taught me to decipher complex systems and recognise the links between repetitive patterns and decision-making processes.” For more than ten years Raija has successfully applied her extensive experience in the assessment of digital processes and private sector infrastructures in collaboration with her customers.

Daniel Beck


IT expert

15 years’ experience in software development and architecture, IT, data science and AI

Key focus:
Life science IT, data science, AI

Before we can successfully analyse figures and correlations, they have to be prepared in a targeted way, going from the raw data, to the machine-readable data set, through to the data-driven findings. It is precisely these steps that are the task of Daniel Beck: “Data doesn’t lie – at least not when it is collated in full and analysed. I work with our customers to gather their data in its entirety and to use the insights that are gained to achieve a greater level of profitability.”


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Dr. Raija Kramer
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