Private equity

Would you like to know whether it is worthwhile to invest in a biotech company, or whether an existing investment should be held or sold?

Are you wondering whether the risk in your portfolio is spread wide enough?

Do you require a scientifically based assessment of whether an existing portfolio company is on the right track?


On the basis of scientific data, we assess your investment portfolio in terms of its yield and prospects for success.

In this respect, we look at the entire product range of the companies in your portfolio as well as their competitiveness in the international market. We make forecasts on how the market segment is likely to develop and where companies are positioned in this environment. Investors can thereby identify the relationship between risk and return with precision – and take countermeasures if necessary.

We have implemented projects such as the following

Assessment of portfolio quality for shareholders and investment recommendation

1. Challenge

Should a share in a biotech company be held or sold? If yes, then when?

2. Approach

  • We inventorized the medicinal products in the portfolio of the biotech company by analysing their indications and their cell-biological and clinical basis, and evaluating the quality of the accumulated evidence. This led to an assessment of the prospects of success
  • We compared the product or portfolio with competitor products and their development status for the estimation of potential market shares
  • We reviewed epidemiological and economic assumptions (including the willingness to pay for indication according to markets); we adjusted the market potential of the portfolio by adapting the existing present-value models

3. Outcome

Based on the product and company valuations, it was possible to forecast how the valuation would develop and to determine best moment to sell the company shares.


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