Are your processes not running optimally and you want to streamline them?

Do you believe that there are patterns in your business or market data that are mathematically predictive?

Does your system landscape not optimally meet your process requirements?


We review your business processes and get the best results for you.

We analyze your process landscape and enable a well founded assessment of how IT and AI can be used effectively in it. We carry out an inventory of existing IT systems and check for you whether the systems are being used effectively and interact optimally with each other. If required, we propose and develop a complete solution for standardized and (partially) automated processes along your value chain and accompany their implementation.

For this purpose, we take into account comprehensive documentation of your process landscape and IT system usage in the status quo. We also evaluate the optimization potential of your processes through digitalization and automation, taking into account possible extensions and modifications to your business and product strategy. In this way, we can

  • provide recommendations for which system changes are worthwhile and how they should be carried out,
  • determine where AI can be used most effectively for streamlining and pattern recognition,
  • and accompany the implementation of IT/AI projects at your company.

We have implemented projects such as the following

Optimization of software architecture and determination of AI potentials in the real estate investment industry

1. Challenge

Business had strongly personalized service for intermediaries between large investors and real estate as investment objects with only selected use of IT systems.

2. Approach

  • Documentation of processes and IT systems in key business areas of the real estate investment industry
  • Assessment of industry-specific requirements through qualitative surveys with leading actors, taking into account the commercial and legal environment
  • Determination of standardization and automation potential of business-specific processes with the effective use of IT systems
  • Identification of big data sources and opportunities for AI to optimize and expand the business strategy

3. Outcome

A gradual implementation of an optimized software architecture with a new integration pattern and introduction of an AI application in real estate transactions was designed to accelerate existing business processes and expand the business model.


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