Medical devices

Did you develop a diagostic or therapeutic device, but your market penetration is not sufficient yet?

Are you asking yourself which clinical trials would be optimal for marketing and how to design and perform them?

Do you want to optimise your sales to get the most effective messages out to the customers?


We review your products and optimise their market chances and the synergies of your portfolio.

We analyse the market and enable well founded comparisons with existing diagnostic and therapeutic devices. We consider the concrete clinical use cases and consider how the device would best fit into the established process of syndrome evaluation, differential diagnosis and therapy. If required, we propose and develop the design of your clinical trial required to establish the device for market access and reimbursement.

For this purpose, we combine an understanding of the biophysical function of your technology and the evidence from the clinical development process. We also evaluate the market potential of the device or your entire portfolio. In this way, we can


  • provide scientifically funded recommendations for the management of the phases of the product development and commercialization,
  • provide a prognosis how the market segment for products or groups of products will evolve,
  • and which research and development investments will pay off in the mid to long term.

We have implemented projects such as the following

Optimisation of market access and reimbursement of a diagnostic device

1. Challenge

Device was technically developed and certified, but lacked market access.

2. Approach

  • Analysis of the biophysical properties of the device
  • Analysis of the diagnostic process for clinical situations, in which the device can be used in the status quo
  • Determination of the optimal positioning of the device in the diagnostic and therapeutic processes of the users
  • Design of a clinical trial to prove the positioning with clinical evidence

3. Outcome

Clinical trial conducted as basis of positioning, market access and reimbursement and successful marketing.


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