The Myth of Artificial Intelligence

Linkedin The myth of Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is both a digital hope, a hubris and a horror vision. Two scientists clarify in their book about a transhumanistic pseudo-religion in which the role of technology and science is greatly overestimated: Why machines will never rule the world. View Article Vor welcher Herausforderung stehen Sie? Schreiben […]

corrigenda*: ChatGPT – Between Superintelligence and mundane mathematics

Linkedin ChatGPT: Between Superintelligence and mundane mathematics Will students soon learn from a machine how the French Revolution unfolded? Will patients soon receive their diagnoses and medication only from a computer? Will a large portion of lawyers, journalists, or copywriters soon become obsolete? Scientists, media, and business managers have been dealing with these questions for […]

market access & health policy: Drug Shortage

Linkedin Drug Shortage: Pharmaceutical Analyst Predicts Continuing Worsening Situation. Media reports on the deteriorating supply crisis in the pharmaceutical market are increasing. Pharmacies no longer have many drugs, particularly generics, in stock. Another 300 are extremely scarce, including common ones such as blood pressure reducers, fever syrups for children, and many cancer therapy drugs (for […]