ChatGPT and other Random Acts of Digital

Talk held at the Yale Club of Boston and Los Angeles on February 23rd, 2023

The on demand replay is now available from last months The Yale Club of Boston webinar — “ChatGPT and other Random Acts of Digital”

ChatGPT has generated awe, concern, and millions of outputs since its release. Join us to cut through the hype and explore its potential.

It’s official: “digital transformation” and “artificial intelligence” have entered the mainstream. Over the past year, discussion of these topics has surged, proliferating beyond the realms of academia and consulting, and quickly saturating news media, online search, and even the pop blogosphere.

ChatGPT is without question the latest AI solution to go viral, and is now traversing the tech “hype cycle.” Upon its release last November, millions of users of every stripe have experimented with the platform and marveled at the results. Its outputs have generated awe, concern, and unbridled hype.

ChatGPT is a Large Language Model (LLM), as are its peers, Google’s BARD and Meta’s Galactica. As a machine learning technology, it is part of the “third wave of AI” that began in 2012 with Google’s successful use of deep neural networks – a form of machine learning that is stochastic in nature and requires training on massive volumes of data – in the case of ChatGPT, 570 gigabytes of data!

A model this powerful can clearly disrupt the status quo, but in what ways does it create value?

How does ChatGPT or any new technology rise from an isolated, shiny new object to a practical tool capable of powering meaningful improvements in commerce, the arts and sciences, and life as we know it?

And when we consider the more macro movement toward digitization, how do ChatGPT and other emerging technologies serve the objectives and infrastructure of digital transformation strategies?

View the on demand replay and join industry experts and the Yale alumni community for an on-line discussion exploring the potential of ChatGPT while cutting through the hype and providing pragmatic advice.

Format: Brief presentation followed by Q&A. The majority of event-time will be open for attendee questions. Moderated by Fred Isbell and Kevin Mark Lodie, featuring Dr. Jobst Landgrebe, MD, PhD.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Jobst Landgrebe is a scientist, physician, and entrepreneur with a background in neuroscience, mathematics, and philosophy. He is an expert in the theory and application of AI and AI enterprise system operations, advising leading organizations and institutions including Novartis, Roche, Medgate, Siemens Healthineers, Allianz, BMW, and Royal Philips Electronics, among others. Landgrebe is also co-author of Why Machines Will Never Rule the World: Artificial Intelligence without Fear (Routledge 2023). He holds an MD and PHD in Medicine, Philosophy, Biochemistry, and Mathematics from the University of Göttingen.


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